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About Us


Direct Fuse is a team of professionally trained IT enthusiasts who provide IT services to businesses—big and small—throughout the tri-state area. Since 2001, we have been striving to change the way businesses experience technology for over 16 years. Direct Fuse technicians are professionally skilled and specialized in a wide range of IT services. From window servers to Firewall Management to Google Apps, there is nothing that Direct Fuse cannot assist you with. cannot assist you with.




The Direct Fuse team has been built on the culture of team-orientation. We are one with our clients and work together with them in developing solutions that are beneficial for their business. We believe in offering a personalized and humanized experience to our clients. We are not just IT consultants who tell you the solution to your problem and move on. We invest our time and resources into inventing, designing and implementing technology services peculiar to your unique business needs.

Since information technology has emerged as being more than just a support function, it should be accessible to everyone. With this belief in mind, Direct Fuse works to establish a relationship of transparency between its clients and their vendors and service providers. We provide extensive hand-holding to our clients in order to offer them a personalized experience. To savor your precious time and energy, our team takes care of your agreements and assignments with vendors of hardware and software as well as shops around for the best internet and phone services deals. Our solutions do not begin at the professional level but at the personal one. We strive to establish and maintain a mutual relationship with our clients and examine their personal culture at the office. This comprehensive analysis allows us to offer suggestions, alterations and solutions that best fit their needs. We keep a simultaneous focus on the quality and the cost of the services we provide. We understand the value of your money and that is why we offer you the best in class services in the most affordable prices.

With an extensive understanding of the complexities of information technology, our team works to simplify your technology and consequently your business. We take the intricacies of IT and bring them to you in the most simplified manner. Network Engineering, Technical Support and satisfactory Customer Service are services that we proudly assist our clients with. Technology is no more an add-on to the businesses and therefore requires just as equal a strategic implementation. Direct Fuse’s custom-designed solutions help you achieve a convenient, simplified and efficient IT targets.


We employ our broad range of skill set into ensuring that your business has all the necessary innovations it needs to move ahead.

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