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In today’s world, swiftly running technology determines the growth of a business. No matter how big or small, each business—with its unique concept—needs a loophole-free IT strategy and support. Direct Fuse offers you just that. A team of highly-skilled IT enthusiasts, Direct Fuse works on implementing the most advanced IT solutions designed in keeping with the needs of your company. The businesses in the present time are ruled by a consistent dependency on computers, laptops and smartphones. It would be a nightmare to have your IT slow you down. But with Direct Fuse, you do not need to worry about that. We bring to the table something that none of our contemporaries are willing to offer. We are focused not only on helping businesses overcome their technology-related problems but also meet their business objectives while doing so.

Let's Invent Tomorrow


Having served businesses in the tri-state area for over 16 years, we aim at helping clients utilize their information technology to achieve optimal business goals. Our wide range of services enables us to offer multiple solutions to businesses and help them in more than one way. We work with the aim of assisting all our clients in establishing a rock-hard technology foundation which will change not only the way they carry out their business but also the way they experience technology.


In addition to providing integrated and objective solutions to our clients, we are committed at minimising the amount of money our clients invest in their IT needs. The Direct Fuse team works at developing solutions that not only advance the growth of your business but does so in an affordable price. It is imperative to keep your business running with enhanced communication. Direct Fuse ensures that you do not spend your precious time on worrying about the hardware and software of your company but on running your business. We are committed at developing solutions that are extensively researched from an operational, financial as well as efficacy standpoint.


Information Technology can at times be quite complex to understand. While we work to ensure you spend minimal time worrying about your IT needs, we bring you the most transparent reports of the latest advancements and their corresponding benefits and detriments to you. We encourage you to understand the rudiments of the technology that serves as the heart of your business. With our simplified elucidations, we enable you to choose what you think is best for your business’ growth and expansion.

What Makes Direct Fuse Stand Out

Anyone can propose certain changes in your IT department after taking a look at your business’ data. But it takes really sharp and skilled minds to offer you a solution that is going to work for you in the long run. We at Direct Fuse do not believe in a one-fits-all solution. Every business is different and so are its needs. We are not merely IT consultants but professionals who are aimed at providing complete business solutions—tailored according to your needs—to you. We are solution-oriented and we do not stop after fixing an issue. We exert ourselves to prevent the reoccurrence of the issue altogether. Along with the technology, we also help you stay ahead in the game with respect to budget, security, hardware and software and asset management.


Excellent customer service is the cornerstone of our competitive advantage.  We believe in building relationships - not just acquiring customers.  


Getting the job done is not the same as getting the job done right.  With Direct Fuse, you can always expect exceptional work that's always performed with our customers' best interest in mind and satisfaction at heart.


From small businesses to large - we offer competitive pricing with monthly support plans that allow our customers to better forecast monthly spending on their IT needs.

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